Cycling and the Great US of A

I used to have a wonderful outlet for my cycling fix. The Universal Sports Network was my baby.  I would tune in there to watch the Tour de France, cyclocross, UCI XC Mountain Biking.   It was my little heaven.

I have checked the listings again and again, and just found out my provider no longer carried my beloved USN channel any longer.  No, they replaced it with NBC Sports.  Why? I have no clue.  They are both owned by the same company, but for some reason I no longer can see my favorite sport throughout the year.

I started searching and came across a gem of an article.
Cyclocosm – Why Americans Can’t Watch Cycling on TV

In conclusion, PLEASE PROVIDERS, PLEASE, MAKE CYCLING EASIER FOR US FANS TO WATCH!!   It would not be hard to maintain a site that simply has cycling news, videos, and live streaming of events.  Okay, maybe the life streaming would be a bit tougher to pull off, so how about just a post coverage site?  Maybe 5-days or so after the event, post up the video for all of us paying subscribers to view?

Sure, us cycling fans are not near as numerous as football or baseball fans here in the states; yet we are there.  Just because you cannot make as much money as another sport, well, that does not mean you should abandon it all together.  Seriously, the footage is being recorded anyway.  If you charged people, say $100 a year to view all your content, times that by a few hundred thousand people (I am sure many cycling fans would pay this amount to view events year round), and you are making money.

Please don’t abandon us fans in the USA.  We are still there.  Besides, how can a sport grow and gain a following if you never show it??

I’d also love to watch some WRC coverage as well if you don’t mind.  🙂

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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