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BP MS 150 Bicycle Ride

This is my third year that I have tortured myself with this ride. To be brutally honest, I normally do not feel that the ride it a form of torture. It was the 20 mph winds, gusting even harder, that … Continue reading

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Preparing for the ride

This weekend is the BP MS150. A ride from Houston, TX to Austin, TX. It has been in my riding schedule for the past 3 years. I honestly love the ride. I enjoy riding on country roads and seeing people … Continue reading

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The First Step Has Been Taken

It was a tough first step.  Even though my Langster had been sitting idle, I still wanted to keep it.  I had lots of good rides on that fixie.  I took it for one last spin before I loaded it … Continue reading

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Not Paying Attention

So I was out and about running errands the other day and came across and interesting sight.  I was near the mall that is close to where I live, when I noticed a cyclist.  Normally this does not get my … Continue reading

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