Week 1

This is what I am planning on doing with my blog. I will try to simply document my changes I am making every week. I will talk about the changes I am making, the improvements I feel, and I will also try to throw in some other information here and there. Let it begin!

Bicycle TrainerThis is the week I have decided to truly start doing yoga. I also started working on getting my cycling back in gear. It is amazing how much you can lose in a couple of months. Of course, riding a bicycle dehydrated is not a highly recommended practice. Long story short, I did 10-miles on my fluid trainer. That 14-15 mph speed I maintained felt more like 18-20mph or 15mph in a heavy headwind. It is somewhat skewed, but it was a workout regardless. My heart rate was good, and my legs needed a slow introduction back into cycling after 2+ months away. Lesson learned, concentrate less on the mileage and more on the workout itself!

Last week I did a yoga session or two at work, maybe 15 minutes total each. I was using those three Tara Stiles videos I posted in my last blog. I did feel the burn. However, our mind is often our limitation. We think we can only do so much, therefore we stop. Mental barriers stink. It is like riding a bicycle. You hit a point where you just think you cannot go any faster or further. Your legs are on fire. Even though you still have fuel in the tank, you think to yourself, “This is as fast as I can go.” However, if you just put that aside, you got a little more in you. All the muscle groups associated with cycling are pretty strong. Sure, they are a little weak right now, but they are still quite strong. Anything not associated with cycling is junk. So that is where the yoga comes in.

Seane CornOut of 4 days, I did yoga on 3 of those days. The last session involved a video by Seane Corn. Now Seane has a different way of doing yoga. Her style is Vinyasa Flow. She is quite fond of the spiritual aspects of yoga as well. I am with her on a lot of her topics, but not all. One thing I agree with is that yoga is individual, every person has his or her own practice. Nobody else will 100% follow your practice. When you ride your bike, you may prefer a cadence between 95-100 rpm, yet your best friend may prefer 90-95 or 100-105. I have seen some people who prefer 75-80 rpm (or even lower). Even though individual practices of yoga are different, Seane’s style of yoga is nice because it “flows”. You repeat several of the positions over and over again; timing it with the breath. I hope to get to a point where I can do the routine without even thinking about it. I believe the whole DVD routine was just under an hour long.

At the end of it, I felt great. I had a little sweat going as well. It is a work in progress I suppose. If I do it enough times and pay attention to the flow, I am sure I can modify it to suit me. I know where I am weak, so I can use more of those poses, and less of the poses I am strong in. If we focus on our strengths, we make our weaknesses that much more weak. Focus on the weaknesses to make yourself better all around. Using a bike reference, I have an issue on climbing. So, on some rides I will crank up the gearing to pretend I am climbing a hill. This simulation helps my climbing ability without needing to drive out to where the hills are. It is a weakness; therefore I practice it to turn it into a strength of mine. If I only practiced flat riding, I would be destroyed when I hit the hills. It is like in baseball. You can 100% concentrate on batting and become a stellar hitter. However, if you cannot run bases well or field the ball at all, then how will you ever make a team or go pro? You cannot.

How can we grow as a person if we only focus on what we are good at? Sure, you will become better at what you are already good at, but I do not feel you will appreciate it. Like music. I was able to pick up on it very easily. It almost seemed effortless. I do not feel that I truly appreciated the gift I had. I could pick up a tuba, trombone, baritone, trumpet, or whatever, and I could learn it pretty quickly. I was playing songs on a saxophone after only playing it for 3-days. I do not mean those beginner songs. No, I was listening to Kenny G. and playing along by ear. Piano…well that is my kryptonite for sure. I want to learn, I just do not have the time.

Where was I? Yes, weaknesses. Focus on your weaknesses to help make you a well rounded person. My weaknesses are in my arms and core. My back, stomach, shoulders, abs, neck and arms are all weak. Due to this, my posture is shot and I hurt on the bicycle. I hope to get everything proper by the time my MS 150 comes around so I can last those 180-miles with no trouble at all.

I look forward to posting another blog post next week. Ride on my friends!

My weight this week: 171 lbs. I will try to keep track of my progress with this as well. Though it is the least important part of my goal. My main goal is to relieve tension, battle stress, get in shape for my charity ride, and hopefully lose a little weight.

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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