I always enjoy learning something new

It is really inspiring to know that others have done, and continue to do, this. It just really makes me feel good knowing I am not alone in at least having the desire for this. All I know is when I have a kid or two, I hope to transport them in a similar manner.

biker mom from charles on Vimeo.

I just cannot understand the lines at the elementary school in my neighborhood. There are a long line of cars to pick up the children. Then you see them drive one block and turn into the neighborhood. I just do not get it. Why waste gas sitting in the car? I can understand it if it is pouring rain, but still, kids love rain. Just about every kid at one point or another has jumped into a puddle to watch it splash. Often always followed by the biggest grin across their face. So why is everyone afraid of the rain? We must all be like the wicked witch of the west these days; water makes us melt.

I love the bike the lady has in the video. You can actually get those with a cover to shield your load (or kids in this case) from the rain. It makes perfect sense. However, I know those bikes are not cheap. Her bike is an e-assist model and that has to run maybe $5,000 or more? I am not totally sure because I have not priced them. I do know that the e-assist model of my Trek Transport runs just under $3,000. Texas is rather flat, at least where I am at, so I would have no need for an e-assist bike. I do, however, like the fact that the kids sit in front of her bike instead of in the back. It makes it so much easier to chat with them.

I think once I have a child, I will at least get a trailer with a rain fly. That way the kid can hop in and not worry about getting wet or being chilled in the winter. I think it is good to expose a child to riding a bike at a young age. I mean, to kids that is their main form of transportation until they are old enough to get a license. Then most throw the bike aside for a car. I hope to at least instill the mindset into my kids that a bike is always a viable form of transportation. It does not go away once you get a car; people just get lazy.

I have been lazy lately. I just took out my cargo bike after it sitting for a month. I felt bad about not riding in such a long time, but once I was on the bike I was enjoying myself. I really prefer riding everywhere over driving. I am in a better mood and I enjoy the smells and the wind in my face. Maybe once my plant shuts down next year, I will be able to park the car for extended periods. Then I would only take the car if I had to cover long distances. At least I could take the bicycle for errands that are close by, which just about everything is. If I need speed, the road bike would always work. The cargo bike for most trips and heavy loads. Then if I want a little more comfort, I could take my old mountain bike and enjoy the plush suspension. My new mountain bike is strictly for trail riding only. Besides, you would not catch me locking up my Gary Fisher HiFi in front of a market! Too tempting for bike thieves! hahaha

Just remember, you are never too old to ride your bike!

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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