Apologies everyone

I have been away for a while. Life has been going a bit crazy lately. Regardless I have squeezed in a ride or two. All I have to say is that it has been a HOT one in Texas this summer. It is reassuring to know that from here on out it is downhill as far as temperatures go.

With that thought in mind, I do plan on riding more often. I am rather stoked that a Whole Foods is being built less than a mile from my house! It will be wonderful to know I do not have to go far for good food!

I have finally decided enough is enough. No more hobbies for me. I have enough right now.

The main hobbies I stick to are cycling and drawing. I sold some stuff recently and got a recurve bow. I have wanted a bow for ages and finally got one! I love this thing. I also love how it is a back workout as well. It is nice to just walk in the back yard and shoot whenever I want, not having to go anywhere to do some target practice. I also got some fishing poles that belonged to my father-in-law. I installed a rack on the garage wall. So at least I have something to do if I do not wish to go far (we have lakes in the neighborhood) or exert much energy.

I also still do some computer gaming. Lately I have been playing Skyrim, Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. I downloaded Final Fantasy 7 to my computer, but I have not played it yet. I am set for quite a while.

I do need to put my head down and work on the house. I have a few open projects that I need to complete. First I need to finish off the office. I got a picture that needs to be framed (have the frame) and hung up on the wall. I also want to frame and hang a few J. Scott Campbell drawings I purchased by my drawing table. Then I wrap it up with a set of curtains in the room. Once that is done, the room is done.

I will then move to the front room that will be a baby room when we have a child. That needs to be totally cleaned out. We have a lot of items to sort through (most is just donations). Once that room is complete, I will move to the garage. I must construct some shelving and have doors to close it off. That will help it keep a clean look to the garage. It will not be anything fancy. As we all know, fancy means extra money. No sir, this will be just simple stuff that works, but still looks pretty good to the eyes. Once that is done, it should free up quite a bit of room in the garage.

I also must swing by to see my mother-in-law. She has my father-in-law’s old pit on her deck. She gave it to me. It is really nice. It would give me the chance to smoke some meats on holidays. My father-in-law loved doing that. I figured I would carry on the tradition (though it most likely will not be as tasty).

So, yeah, a lot of things going on over here. I need to hop to it! Ride safe my friends!

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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