I am constantly blown away by the lazy person. You know, I am all for taking a day off and relaxing. I am all for taking it easy if you are hurting, or just trying to center yourself. The thing that bothers me is society.

Society in itself has been programmed to try to do as much with as little effort as possible. I was on a site and made a somewhat lengthy post. If you compare it to some of the blog posts I have made, the length was nothing. I was basically on a small rant about not liking how complicated cars have become. That I much preferred the simplistic mechanical fuel pumps, carbs, levers and switches over today’s buttons and voice commands. I get enough of a headache dealing with computer systems at work, I don not wish to deal with them in a car as well.

So this post, which totaled just below 500 words, was a little rant about how I miss the cars of yesterday. How if we truly want a car that is good with gas, we need to go against the current formula of adding more electronics and use the old formula. The old formula was pretty much to use a small motor, proper gearing, weight reduction and it resulted in better gas mileage. Hybrids are not the answer. All that is advertised is how little gas it uses. Yeah, they do use less gas, however, you will not find them telling you how long the batteries will last and how much they will cost to replace when they go bad. Nor will you hear about battery disposal costs and what pollution is had from that. Many people will not recycle the batteries, and they will occupy a landfill, contaminating the drinking water. But that is okay, because what you cannot see cannot hurt you right?

Anyway, I posted up the topic, and someone responded with “tl;dr”. In short, it translates to “too long, didn’t read”. Really? Does everything need to be short and compact? Does everyone need the cliff notes version? I can read a 500-word post in a matter of less than one minute. Are we really that strapped for time?

Or is it something else?

Could it be that society in itself has made us really lazy? We are bombarded with technology. Technology will save us X amount of time. This savings means we can do more with our day. The problem is, we have evolved to the point where hardly anyone wants to do anything. I remember where we HAD to get up to change a channel. Now people would search for the remote for 20-minutes to raise the volume instead of just getting up to do it. Priorities are so out of balance.

I am a religious guy. I read the Bible and am a Christian. I will not throw my values on you, but I do find there is a lot of truth in the Bible regarding several things. These things mainly revolve around how to live your life.

One section that relates to laziness comes from the book of Proverbs (6:6-11):
“Go to the ant, you sluggard;
consider its ways and be wise!
It has no commander,
no overseer or ruler,
yet it stores its provisions in summer
and gathers its food at harvest.

How long will you lie there, you sluggard?
When will you get up from your sleep?
A little sleep, a little slumber,
a little folding of the hands to rest —
and poverty will come on you like a thief
and scarcity like an armed man.”

Essentially it is saying that laziness bestows poverty. To an extent that is true. How are you truly living if you are lying around doing nothing? Some of the best joys in life take time to find. I have enjoyed several books in my lifetime. Would I have enjoyed them as much if I just read the cliff notes version? I would be willing to bet the answer would be no.

What is it with our desire to have everything right here and right now with the most miniscule amount of work possible? Is sweat on the back such a bad thing? It is like sweat is a word that is not spoken because it is gross. How dare I sweat when I can sit in A/C comfort?

Why are we in such a rush to get things done that we do not enjoy the simple pleasures of life? Nature is one of those pleasures. Go for an early morning walk, just before the sun rises. As you are walking, watch the sky change from night to day, see the colors cascade across the sky, and listen to the birds singing their early morning tunes. There is such joy in such a simplistic act. Some of my fondest memories involve a cup of coffee and a rising sun. I miss those days when I had time to enjoy those things.

Hang on, when I had time? I always have time. I am just not making use of it like I used to. Maybe that is what is wrong. We are so concerned with what is on television (I am guilty, I love the Olympics), what is on Facebook, what is on Instagram, and what celebs are doing. Countless think these are the gates that lead us to a happy life, a fulfilled life, but we are mistaken.

So many things are available on this earth that can provide us with happiness. One winter day, get up early one morning, maybe make a pot of coffee (or some hot tea), keep the TV and radio off, nor reach for your cell phone. Turn the phone off or keep it on silent. If you have a fireplace, light a fire with some wood. Just sit in silence, listening to the comforting crackling of the fire, watch a sunrise. If you are anything remotely like me, there is a comfort and peace associated with that. The sounds are relaxing, yet awakening. I think we bombard ourselves with too much too early and too fast these days.

To wake up and slowly get ready, to take your time and not be in a rush, how good it is for your soul! When I worked day shift, I would wake up at 5am and be out the door by 5:40am. That is 40 minutes for me to get up, get dressed, do my hygiene routine, make my lunch, feed the animals and be out the door. I was in a rush to get ready so I could take it easy on the drive in. I swapped the tension of driving for tension when getting ready. It was still there, it just moved time slots. I would also turn on the news first thing to catch the weather and traffic. Like that will help. I am still going to work regardless of those items, so does it really matter? All the noise and trying to catch every little bit of information made for tension without the added rush of getting ready.

Since I swapped to night shift, I now get up around 4:30 instead of just after 5am. The television stays off. I now have 30 extra minutes to take my time getting ready. I seldom am in a rush to get to work. I leave the house an hour or so later. Sometimes it will be earlier, sometimes later, it is what it is (how freeing that mindset is alone!). Regardless, I still have plenty of time to make it to work, and I take advantage of it.

Arriving to work early lets me get going at my own pace. I cannot just jump into work. I am a slow starter. I accept this and adapt things to accommodate this fact. I guess messing around with yoga has shown me a few things. Yoga focuses on self. It is merely a tool to calm the mind and body, thus able to focus more on the spirit. Okay, that may not be the textbook idea behind it, but that is my viewpoint at least. This is great because it clears your mind to open it up to other things. I start paying attention to smaller things. I notice my short breathing, I notice tension in certain places in my body, and I can see those items so much sooner than previously. Once I notice these items, I can adapt to fix them (or limit them) before they bother me too much. It would be better if I practiced it more often, but I do not. I need to.

What is my point? ADD strikes again. Oh, yes, simplicity (I am throwing that topic in here now) and laziness. People want the latest gadgets to make their lives easier. Does having all the gadgets really help? For one, you have to buy them. That costs money. Then you have to store them, and that requires more room. Then you find something that does it a little better and you want it because it is a little better. Thus adding to the clutter, adding to the space required, adding to the stress in your life. Do you really need a slicer that is specifically designed for tomatoes? Honestly, is it too hard to take out a cutting board and a knife and just cut them? Oh hang on, that takes too much time. You have to sharpen the knife, and that takes time; you have to maintain the cutting board and that takes time.

It explains why fast food is so popular. One word: laziness. I love cooking; it is just we seldom do it. I need to take the initiative at home to make more home cooked meals. When I do cook, my wife loves it. I just shop for what I am going to make. I have yet to dial in the “meals in advance”. I am more of: this sounds good for dinner, let me run to the store real quick.

Laziness has taken over. I succumb to it more often than I would like, but I am working on getting better. I have been putting off working on my game room because it is a lot of work. I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do up there, but I can at least organize the boxes some. I also need to finish up my office as well. I think I am about done with it. Just need to hang some pictures and it should be done.

Many people take advantage of the government. Able bodied people who do not want to work, so they live off the taxpayer’s money. That is stealing. Honestly, if you are able to work and just do not want to, ask your parents if you can move back in with them and have them pay your way. I am sure they would object and tell you to get off your bum and get a job.

Ahh, this topic is frustrating. It rubs me the wrong way. I see nothing wrong with work. It is a way of life and it lets me be able to afford the little gadgets I like. If you have followed my blog, you know that I am trying to simplify my life. It is a work in progress. I will say this, organizing that office has made a huge difference to me. I still need to organize my new desk more, but the drawing area is done. I know where everything is and everything has a place. That alone gives me hope on what the garage and game room could be.

Okay, here is a simplistic departing thought. Sometimes a little elbow grease is more rewarding than gaining a shiny new item. I think things are so disposable these days because they are acquired so easily. Smart phones are replaced when the next shiny new model is released. TV’s are replaced when the latest gadget has been added that is “cool”.

Stop and think, if you just lived with what you have currently, how much money would you save if you kept it all for as long as you could before replacing it? Let us not forget how much comfort there is in knowing you have a good amount of padding in that savings account! People want the latest phones with the most storage for all the apps they download. I just went through and deleted a ton of apps. No more “where is that app?” I know where it is, it is either here, or it is gone. What a nice feeling!

Granted, some people find true joy in materials. I used to be the same way, but now I am ditching that old mindset. I am well on my way. That is another post though. Having things easily accessible, having a tool for every job, that kills creativity to an extent. People do not need to use their brains as much. Honestly, when is the last time you worked math without a calculator? For me it was yesterday, others it has been years. Some people cannot do simple math in their heads anymore. I remember reading something about when a guy gave a lady some money in a drive thru, the total was something like $9.51. He handed her a $10 bill and she rang it up. He then went “Oh, here is a penny as well”. He simply wanted two quarters instead of a fist full of change. She broke down in tears because she could not work out the math. She relied on the technology to think for her.

Is that what the world is coming to? We are so dependant on technology that we have become lazy to what used to be common knowledge. We rely on machines to do the thinking for us instead of us doing the thinking ourselves. My wife asked me last night to do the dishes tomorrow (today). I almost blew it off, but then reminded myself, if I get it done now, I will not have to do it later. So I got it out of the way and cleaned it all up.

That is what I am talking about. Do not put off things until tomorrow that you could just knock out today. It will not be hanging over your head later on. It is a relief knowing that you got something done. There is a comfort in checking a task off your list.

I am still getting to that point, where I tackle everything to get it out of the way, but it is a work in progress. All I hope you gain from this post is to simply look inward and analyze how you do things. I am not saying taking some time to relax is a bad thing, not at all. However, when all you do is relax and then come up with excuses why things are not done, that is a problem. Often it is harder thinking up an excuse than just doing the task. Like the dishes. It took me all of 5 minutes to do the dishes. Since when is 5 minutes “such a long time”. It may feel that way if you would rather watch television. I know I would rather watch television or read a book, but you need to draw the line and just know things have to get done. In this aspect, I highly respect my mother. She worked like a crazy person supporting myself and my two siblings (at the time). She put in a full work day and found the time to grocery shop, make dinner, do laundry, do dishes, mow the lawn, pick up after me (I was still really young), take us to the doctor, take us to baseball or whatever, read bedtime stories, kiss our “owies”, and she did not complain. She busted her hump and I respect her fully for that. If I can live every day to accomplish half of what she did every day, I will be happy.

There is nothing wrong with putting in a good hard days work. Sometimes those hard days are the most rewarding.

Wow, I just read this post. It went all over the place. Yet I will not change it, I like the end result!


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I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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  1. Mom says:

    I like the end result, too! 🙂

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