Hitting the drawing board

Since we were out of town in Austin and San Antonio, we were very busy. Seriously, I was so strung out because of all we did that I have been struggling to catch up on my sleep. My body told me today, you need rest. I went home this morning and woke up a solid 2-hours after my normal wake up time. I guess I really needed the rest. I rushed to get to work, still making it here in time. Normally I wake up early to “take it easy” and have a less stressful drive into work. Today, I got ready in a record breaking 5-minutes and spent 5-minutes making my lunch; then I was out the door. Lucky for me I keep some hygiene stuff at work, which saves time if I am in a rush.

I took my time out on the road, not expecting to make it in time. I stopped to grab breakfast (dinner to everyone else) and showed up to work only 20-minutes late. I was rather surprised.

This is by far the best I have felt at work this week. Amazing what some much needed sleep can do for you!

Anyway, I just felt like posting up some work I have done recently.

Now this first one is just a size reference of my 5″x5″ drawing pad. It is really small, but it stores easily and is enough to get some drawings in. I was not sure I would like the size, but now I am loving it!

Can you tell which one I spent the most time on? It should be easy to do!

I have more, I just do not have the time to post them up. I do hope to get out on the bike this week and hopefully run some errands. I do like unplugging from the computer and the TV by drawing. It is really simple to do and does not take up my space in terms of items required. It is insanely cheap as well! I am all for cheap these days. I have been trying to save up some money, so this is a great money saver!

This dinky drawing pad is about at the half way mark in terms of usage. This is unacceptable! I should be much further along with the volume of drawings I do. I must step it up. I have noticed a huge difference in my drawings due to the volume I have done in recent months. Amazing how much you learn when you take a different approach! I used to need to have an “exact copy” when I was drawing, now I just cruise along, happy with whatever takes place.

By changing the way I think towards my drawings, I have automatically found improvement. I notice things out of place earlier on and can fix them quite easily. Before I would commit to a drawing and finish it, only to find out that an eye is not right, or the mouth is off, or something like that. It was frustrating. Little did I know I was simply doing it to myself! I was the cause of my frustration because of how I approached my drawings. NO MORE!

I must say though, I am eager to get out on the bike again. I think a solid 2-hour workout is in order. I need the exercise. My body is a little restless now. It was not earlier this week due to the trip! I was exhausted earlier this week. Now I am itching to get out on the bike. I need to clean it too. My roadie is looking horribly dirty. At least the brakes, drive train, and derailleurs are clean!

Stay safe my cycling friends.


About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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