A busy week

Needless to say I spent my days off being rather busy. Sunday morning our A/C decided to quit on us. We had this happen in our old house and had two window units on standby in the garage. I placed the small one in the bedroom and the large on in the living area.

This house is so much bigger, these units were struggling initially, but they held on to the temp rather well after one night of use. We called and scheduled a guy to come out Monday morning. In Texas, you cannot go very long without A/C. The heat and humidity get to you very quickly.

So the guy came out and had the A/C up and running again within an hour. He did some work up in the attic and checked the refrigerant as well. After he was done the A/C was struggling to cool the house down. It seemed like it was running abnormally long, but then again, the house was abnormally warm. Also it did not help that I started to try to cool the house down after the sun had been beating down on it for several hours. I left the window units in and running for the time being. That evening, I shut them down and removed the one in the bedroom. I kept the larger unit in the living area “just in case”. I pulled it out later that evening, the A/C was doing very well.

Tuesday came around and all seemed well. I went to my Bible study group and then got to work. I ran a few errands and went to Home Depot. My night shift schedule means I sleep during the day. Well the guest room takes a beating during the day, no shade on the brick. So I had the brilliant idea to use the small window unit to “assist” during the day. Instead of having to drop the whole house a couple of degrees to make me comfortable, I can simply use the cheap to run window unit and keep the house at the same temp. I installed it, insulated it and sealed it up where no air escaped (at least not much). I gave it a try on Wednesday, it worked like a champ!

My wife does not care for it at all. I am all about function over form. If it works and works well, it can be a little ugly. She would rather me suffer. Ok, I did not really suffer, I just would sweat a lot. It was not that it was horrible, I just do not like sweating unless I am outside doing something. So by dropping the temperature a few degrees, it makes all the difference in the world!

I highly recommend it. This small unit is insanely cheap to run. It is by far cheaper to purchase this window unit (we paid about $75 for it), install it, close the door and run it while keeping the house warmer. You will be amazed by how much cash you save and also the reduction of the wear and tear on your main central air system. It is by far easier to replace a $75 unit than a several thousand dollar central air unit!

I highly recommend it, even if it does look a little bad. It is really worth it. It puts a nice hum out that really makes it easy for me to go to sleep. It is great!

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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2 Responses to A busy week

  1. Texas says:

    It’s not like it’s facing the street! In Texas, cool trumps fashion any day of the week!

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