I love changing things up

Once a week I am making a habit of riding my bicycle at around 2AM.  My schedule is a night shift schedule.  Once I am done for the week, I nap and swap my schedule back to a normal one.  Well the day before I go back to work, I nap and swap my schedule back to sleeping during the day.

I have a problem because of this, I tend to be tired quite often.  It is really because I do not have a solid sleeping schedule.  I do not want to stay on a night owl schedule on my off days because I cannot get anything done if everything is closed.  Moving from sleeping during the day to sleeping at night is easy.  I nap, and the sun helps keep me awake for the rest of the day.  However, when a person is going to nights, it is a challenge sometimes.  I sit around, play video games, watch movies and surf the internet.

The fact that I was sitting so much bothered me.  I do not like just sitting around.  I get sleepy, I feel like I am not getting anything done.  It has become a habit due to my schedule, one I wish to break.  One step I took to help in my transition of sleeping schedules is ride my bicycle.  I have done it for three weeks now and I have noticed an improvement in my ability to sleep as well.

The first two weeks I used my road bike.  It is convenient and it is fast.  I was thinking, I should be able to log 30-miles no problem!  Well, I was looking at comfort also.  The road bike is great, I love the bike, but around the neighborhood, I run over a lot of items.  Mainly what gets to me is the concrete expansion joints that are put in.  The da-dump of running over those frequently gets to me after a while.  On the major roads, there are fewer of them, the highways around me are asphalt lakes, so no joints there.  I suppose I am a bit spoiled.

On a side note, my roadie has another problem.  I have not found out quite how to keep my seat post at a correct height.  The bumps will cause it to slowly lower itself.  It is carbon fiber, so I cannot just torque it down more.  I torque it to spec, I even added the friction compound that should hold it in place.  No such luck in doing so thus far.  I think I may just need to get a new seat post.  Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and just purchase a cheap aluminum one.  I am not concerned about weight at all.  To me the motor is what really matters, not how much the bike weighs.  I am not, nor ever will be, a gram counter.  I would count some when I get a new wheelset, but not for anything else.  Lowering the rotational mass can drastically help acceleration.  More importantly to me are the hubs.  I really want to get some quality hubs on my bike so I can roll more efficiently.  The rim weight is not as important to me.

Ok, so back to my original topic.  Sorry, ADD strikes again!  I run off talking about things that I originally did not mean to.  So, as I was saying, the bumps in the road, along with the occasional concrete splatter that is on the road, means the seat post has its issues.  My knees have been bugging me lately and after analyzing my pedaling stroke, I have had my seat too low on my roadie, and just a tad low on my mountain bike.  I found that I pedal with my feet slightly pointed downward.  Well, doing this decreased my pedaling efficiency because I was not getting proper leg extension.

To counter act this pedaling “flaw”, I decided I needed to raise my seat.  It just does not feel right to me to pedal with a flat foot, I have to be slightly nose down so to speak.  Due to my seat lowering problem, I decided to take out my Gary Fisher HiFi 29-er.  This has the same mount and sensors for my new Garmin Edge 500.  I strapped it on and started riding.  I kept my pressure at my usual trail riding pressure, 35-PSI.  This not only gives good resistance, but I push harder to cover the same distance.  I wanted a hard, but short, workout.  Instead of riding 2-hours on my roadie, I only spent 1.5 hours on the HiFi.  Plus the full suspension on this bike soaks up the bumps.  I did not even feel the expansion joints any more and the little concrete splatters felt nothing more than a mere pebble.


It reminded me very quickly how much I love the HiFi.  It also reminded me that it has been quite a while since I last hit a mountain bike trail.  I do believe I am overdue.

Anyway, the ride was superb.  I also love the fact that I tend to not even see enough cars out on the road during that time period to exceed the number of digits on one hand.  Peace and quiet, the road all to myself, it is like having a paved mountain bike trail to ride on.

I hope my schedule allows time to hit up a trail on the mountain bike this week.


About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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