A trip out of town

Well my wife and I decided to head out of town for a little getaway. It was a nice trip to Austin, TX. Even though it was a bit of a drive for us, the weather was great. Yes it was warm, but not as warm as where we live!

Apparently our timing was a bit off, since it was a bike rally weekend. I did not even think of checking into something like that before. As we were driving into Austin, I did notice there were many more Harley Davidson riders out there than normal. I was thinking something was up, but I did not find out until we tried to get to our hotel. The streets were clogged, more than usual. I tried a back way only to find my route blocked by a cut off street (one of the main ones into downtown Austin). So I continued, slowly, to the hotel. We got there and quickly found out that there was a motorcycle rally in Austin this weekend. My wife and I unpacked the car, took our bicycles up to the room and quickly got settled. We decided where we were going to eat and grabbed our bicycles.

There is this trendy Mexican food place we found years ago. It is tucked away into a small area, but it has great food. We went over there and started to eat. The next thing we knew there was a insanely loud noise from the street. Apparently that cut off street was where this rally was having a bike parade. This involves not only many motorcycles, but they feel the need to rev their engines to the rev limiter, all while having straight pipes. Needless to say it was very loud and we were shouting in the restaurant just to hear each other.

We left the restaurant to see this:
Bike Rally

Luckily I found the rally’s web page and quickly discovered that they were going to be away from downtown for the rest of the weekend. Well the rally was, several of the riders were staying downtown, but it was not bad.

The next day we started to ride around Austin. We stopped by several places, including my favorite Austin bike shop, Mellow Johnny’s. I love the atmosphere there and enjoy the coffee as well. We stopped there several times during the trip. Once to shop, once just for coffee, and another to address my rear derailleur. Apparently when I took it in for service a while back, the tech did not adjust it properly. If I had my bike stand, I would have fixed it myself, but I did not. After 5-minutes and $15 later, it was spot on and I did not have to touch it since. It is nice to have a good mechanic handy for those quick adjustments.

I even picked up a nice brass bell to alert pedestrians that I am coming up behind them. Even with the bell, I managed to scare a few people who were not paying attention and blasting music in their headphones. It was actually rather funny, not just to me, but to them as well!

We also took local suggestions and tried a few new places we were not previously aware of. One of which was Kerbey Lane Cafe. It had excellent food and very, I mean VERY, fresh fruits! We will hit up this place again. The Guadalupe location was closed for renovations, so we went to the original.

Another stop involved the local farmers market. This takes place in downtown Austin every Saturday. My wife was craving some peaches, so I flew around it and found a lady selling them. They were very good! I highly recommend stopping there to get some healthy snacks!

We also stopped by the State Capitol building. It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed cycling around it.
State Capitol

After that ride, we went to snag some ice cream!

We also went over to my favorite place to visit, Whole Foods. I was lacking on the pictures this trip, but at least I did snag some to post! I got a quick picture of our bikes on the bike rack there. Mine is the Specialized Hardrock Sport 29-er. It is up for sale if you are interested! My wife has the black Globe Caramel.
Whole Foods

All in all, it was a great trip. The hills were fun as usual. I always enjoy Austin and I enjoy finding new places that I was not aware of before. I hope to do this again sometime soon!

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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2 Responses to A trip out of town

  1. Newbie says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip! Did you have problems navigating Austin, and I don’t mean dodging bikers, but does Austin cater to cyclists?

    • Yes they do. There are bike lanes all over and drivers are very used to seeing cyclists on the streets. Most of them give you the whole lane. I can only recall once where a driver did not move completely out of the lane. Still, that driver gave me plenty of room.

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