Looking forward to the holiday weekend

Well the holiday weekend is upon us. I have to work for most of the weekend, but I will be spending some time with my wife on Sunday night and Monday night. I do hope to head out for a bicycle ride this week. I have had to skip the last 2 weeks and I am not at all happy about it. Especially since I want to actually up my weekly mileage. I may have to put my foot down to get a quality ride in this week.

I am eager to try out my new Garmin Edge 500 on the roadie. I really like the design and I also like how I can mount it on my stem. That clears the bars for my hands and lights. Now the cockpit does not look quite as cluttered as before.

I have been debating on taking the cargo bike out for a nice and long ride. The longest ride it has seen to date is about 25-miles. That 25-miles was scattered across the entire day. I want to ride where I just ride non-stop for a solid 40-miles or more. I know to go from my house, to my church, and back again is easily 45-miles. I may do that. I just want to evaluate the comfort of the bike on a longer ride. It is fine for shorter rides, but I will never tweak everything in until I experience a longer ride.

I did discover that I need a wider saddle. Since I have adopted a more upright riding position on the Transport, the saddle has not been quite enough. I feel more pressure in my sit bones. So a Brooks B-67 saddle is looking really good right now.

Here is a picture from the BrooksEngland.com website:
Image courtesy of BrooksEngland.com
B-67 Page on the Brooks Website

I have priced them out on Amazon.com, they are not too badly priced. Anyone I have ever talked to that has had one of these saddles has loved it. I do have a B-17 saddle sitting around at home. I do believe that will make an appearance on this bike. I want to try what I have before I venture off and spend over $100 on a new saddle. I actually hope the B-17 works. As much as I like new things, I am tired of acquiring them. I have enough items floating around my home. I am actually in the process of simplifying my life. It is rather humorous that I want to simplify after we move into a house that is twice the size of our old one. Go figure.

That is all for today. I do hope to bring my camera along for my ride and snag a pic or two along my route. I have realized that I need more pictures in my blog. I shall solve that!

Until then, ride on my friends.

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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