Busy past few weeks

Nothing much going on over here.  I have been quite busy working overtime and doing projects around the house.  I still take out my bicycles whenever I can, but nothing has taken place that has been post worthy.

I do hope to make a couple of trips this week, and plan on taking some pictures to post on here.  All I managed to squeeze out earlier this week was a 40-mile bicycle ride on the roadie (Trek 1.5).  Considering that I was slightly hungry when I left out, I was very surprised to find out I had more than enough energy to keep from bonking.  It is always nice to complete a ride without being totally exhausted!

Looking at my data, my ride was 37-miles long (close enough to 40!).  I took a different route than I normally would because I wanted to stop by the bicycle shop.  I was out of energy bars and I needed a couple for the ride.  Too bad I did not take the transport, I would have been able to purchase an entire box!  That detour took me down a street covered in stop lights and stop signs.  It was like I was doing mini-intervals.  The light would turn green and next thing I know I am doing 20-mph, then I get caught at a red light again.

Normally a 30-mile ride takes me about 1:50 to 2:10 to complete. This ride I was in rare form (or the MS-150 really did help my conditioning) and I completed the entire ride in 2:17, despite the red lights!  I was flying whenever I could.  My max heart rate is 185, and I stayed within 95% of that while I was on the pedals.  I maxed out at 105%, so I am not afraid to push myself!  My average speed was at 16.2-mph, which is not too bad.  I think a lot of that had to due with the stop and starting.  I did one flat section at a sustained 23-mph pace for at least a mile or two.  Normally I try to cruise at around 18 or 19-mph.  I like pushing myself.

Oh, did I mention it was 93°F outside?  It was rather warm.  In that small time frame I stopped to fill up my water bottle twice.  All in all, I went through 4 water bottles and one bottle filled with Propel.  I choose Propel because it is not as sweet as Gatorade and also the taste is more mellow.  It works well for me.

I got back home, sweating like mad, but feeling more alive than I have all week.  I always love seeing what surprises my body has for me when I go riding.  I hope to keep riding this summer and get some good mileage in.

I also have been sitting at 160-164 pounds lately.  Since I changed my eating habits last October, I lost 20-lbs and have maintained it with ease.  I was afraid that my performance would suffer, but I actually feel it has improved.  That is always a welcome sign! I am not driven by numbers, but how I feel.  Right now 160-ish feels right for me.  I have to be honest here, I do not understand why people are so obsessed by numbers.  If you focus on a goal weight, that limits you in my eyes.  Sometimes having a little extra muscle (which does weigh a good amount) is a good thing.  Stop worrying about race weight, and just ride.  Obsessing over numbers limits you.  We are each built differently.  Get out on your bike and ride with a smile.  If you finish a race in 1st place or last place, it does not matter.  Just enjoy the ride!

In the end, I really feel I should have been a professional cyclist.  I love pushing myself and just being out on the bike.  No matter how hard the day was the day before or how sore I am, I still look forward to riding.

Ride on my friends.


About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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