Preparing for the ride

This weekend is the BP MS150. A ride from Houston, TX to Austin, TX. It has been in my riding schedule for the past 3 years. I honestly love the ride. I enjoy riding on country roads and seeing people taking the time out of their weekend to cheer us on, play music and volunteer. It is always nice to meet new people too.

This year will be a fun one. The first year I did the ride, we had to deal with rain and some wind. The following year was absolutely gorgeous, with an amazing tail wind. This year, however, will be a bit tougher. I checked the forecast and they are predicting 15-20mph winds for the weekend. Not only are the winds strong, they will be almost directly head on. So my 17-22mph pace turns into more of a 12-15mph pace.

Me on the 2011 MS 150

I was planning on passing up the day 1 stop and riding on to the hotel (which is just down the street from the day 2 lunch stop), which would be an even 120-miles. This would give me the ability to sleep in and get a good breakfast in me. I would also be able to only ride about 35-40 miles and be done with the ride. With the wind, if I maintain a solid 12mph, then it will take me 10 hours, with no stops, to reach the hotel. Now I do plan on hopping into a pace line and riding faster than 12mph for most of the ride. So I am guessing it will take 10-12 hours overall.

Now, I must say that I really dislike changing my plans simply because the weather is not cooperating. I am still planning the extra 35 miles worth of riding to get to my hotel. I do not like setting a goal and not being able to achieve it. So I shall try to stick with the plan. However, I am not going to go into the red on a charity ride. It is not a race. If I feel that I am unable to ride to the hotel, I shall suck it up and hop in the car with my wife and my friends.

I will remain optimistic though. The weather will be in the mid-50’s in the morning (EXCELLENT!) and warm up to the mid to upper 70’s. I am all for that! Rain or shine, this will be a great ride. Forget the wind!

My wife and my friend’s wife will be slowly getting ready at the house after we leave and stop to eat at a diner near by. LUCKY! I am just glad they are able to come. My friends are great to have around and I enjoy every minute I am with them. How blessed I am!

So my plan on the first day is to LEAVE EARLY! If we can get out the door by 5-5:30am, then my day will be set! Normally the winds are at their weakest in the morning. Sure it will be cold, but it will be refreshing at the same time!

Every day is a good day when spent on a bicycle.

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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