Taking the roadie to the bike shop

First of all, my apologies for the lack of posting. This week has been an amazing week to get out on the bicycle. So amazing that I could not resist. So instead of writing a post on here, I was out enjoying clear skies and the sun baking a tan into my skin!

Now, let us get to the post:

It is very close to the BP MS150 from Houston to Austin. My roadie broke a spoke last MS150, but the awesome mechanic that replaced the spoke did a brilliant job getting the wheel true by eye. My hat went off to that man. I just noticed, after a 63-mile ride this past Monday, that the wheel started to have a wobble to it. Since I do not have a stand to true the wheel on (or a workbench built yet), I decided to take it to my LBS to have them get it all set up and check spoke tension on the wheels.

Danny, the mechanic I trust my bike with, had some nice stories about people who just started taking their bikes out to train for this 150+ mile two-day ride, and were shocked that their bikes needed work. We laughed at some of the stories.

Anyway, my Trek Transport has been quite useful around the house. Due to the day being nothing short of spectacular, I decided to haul my bike by bike. A couple of bungee cords and a little sweat later, the bike was set up and ready to haul.

My Trek 1.5 on the back of my new Trek Transport

It was a nice ride of just over 7 miles to get to the shop. Needless to say I received several humorous looks from other people riding their bikes for exercise or running. I love this Transport!!!

I also took time on Monday to install a Planet Bike rear fender. The ATB fender was the perfect setup for the Transport rear. Unfortunately, the fenders came as a set. That is fine by me though. At least that gives me an alternate front fender should something happen to the stock one.

It was nice being able to fly through a puddle and barely get anything on my feet. I was wearing flip flops and I only felt a mild over spray on part of my foot.

I did just order an adjustable stem to replace the stock one. Due to the type of riding this bike is being used for, I decided a slightly higher bar was in order. My hands just feel like too much pressure is being applied to them. I ordered a Demension adjustable stem. I will post up an install post and a ride report after the install. I am also thinking about looking at a different saddle. I love the stock saddle that came with the bike. It looks great and is comfy, I just think that once I get the new stem in I will need a wider saddle. If I need a bit more support, I may try my Brooks B-17 on it. If that is not wide enough, a B-67 will be on order.

Anyway, that is all for now. Ride on my friends!

On a side note: I do feel that I need to post some pictures of the paths and roads I ride. That will come later. I will start to carry a quality camera instead of my smart phone. That way I can take better pictures to post on here. Some of the places I ride are just so beautiful. It is really a blessing to live in a part of town that seems more supportive of the biking culture. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we do have some options that keep us off the big and busy roads. I hope it continues!

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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3 Responses to Taking the roadie to the bike shop

  1. You are going to have to buy a Park Tool Truing Stand so you can true you won wheels — they pay for themselves after about 10 wheels.

  2. TexasG says:

    I bet you did get some looks with a bike towing another bike! I’m sure I would have done a double take, too!

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