The First Step Has Been Taken

It was a tough first step.  Even though my Langster had been sitting idle, I still wanted to keep it.  I had lots of good rides on that fixie.  I took it for one last spin before I loaded it up to go to its new owner.  I was amazed how much the riser bars helped the ride.  I was thinking twice about that bike.  I almost called the guy who wanted to buy it and tell him that I was not selling it.

However, I did remember why I was giving it up.  I was giving up a bike that did not see much use in order to gain a bike that would be very useful.  So I went ahead and loaded it up.  It is an insanely light bike and rides very well.  I tossed it on my roof rack and took it to the meeting point we set up.

The guy pulled up next to me in the parking lot and I unloaded the bike.  I threw it together real fast and he hopped on it.  He commented on how nice it looked.  A spin on it helped him realize how light the bike was and he complimented on how comfortable it was to ride.  He very quickly handed over the cash we agreed upon before meeting up.  I took it, double checked his counting and got back in my car to leave.  I took one last look at the bike.  It was hard, but it was easy.  We all must move on and head into a direction we feel we need to be going.  I have changed directions, so it only made sense to let go of the bike.

I hope the Langster enjoys the new owner.  The guy was really excited to start riding it.  He even said he and a friend was going for a ride tonight.  The cash will help cover a good portion of the new Transport.  I am getting really excited about getting it.  Now to start unloading the Hardrock sport of the extras, and putting that up on Craigslist.

That will be a bit easier to get rid of I think.  It was my first “serious” mountain bike, but I have now a more serious mountain bike.  I will be heading to the bicycle shop tomorrow to talk to them about ordering my new bike.  If the lead time is 3-weeks, I may go ahead and order it, strip down the Hardrock and put in on CL right away.

Hopefully it will move as fast as the Langster did, a quick 3-days.

About TrekRiderMark

I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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1 Response to The First Step Has Been Taken

  1. Texas says:

    Good luck with your new ride!

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