Well according to Bicycling magazine, federal prosecutors dropped the investigation into Lance Armstrong. It is about time. Why did the federal government even feel like they had to form an investigation anyway? Should not all the drug testing and monitoring be controlled and performed by the agencies in charge of the sports? It should. I’m just glad it is over. Hopefully this will get rid of the negative press surrounding Lance and help Livestrong take off in supporting cancer patients and survivors by spreading awareness.

I am not a Lance bandwagon fan myself, but I do respect the man for what he has done. This does not only refer to cycling but towards cancer awareness as well. I recently lost my father-in-law to cancer. He was my best friend, we did so much together. So cancer hits home with me. I have lost several people due to cancer. I am so sick of it. So spreading awareness and giving people a place to turn to is as important as finding a cure. I am a huge supporter of Livestrong.

I am just glad the investigation was dropped. Hopefully Livestrong will continue to thrive and Lance can go back to managing the bicycle shop he owns (Mellow Johnny’s) and working with Livestrong. Congrats Lance!

Link to the story is here:


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I like to ride bicycles and stay fit. I am also a professional photographer and artist. I dabble a bit in web design and as a graphic artist.
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